Beautiful flowers are just something you NEED to have on your wedding day. Trust us! Don’t worry though, we’ve made it easy on you by finding the absolute BEST floral designers in the Stroudsburg area. So grab that bouquet and head down the isle.

Talana Maria

(603) 682-0775

Talana Maria is an award winning baker, floral designer and wedding planner providing the perfect artistry to create a day you will never forget.  Built on passion, drive, and enthusiasm, each event is completely unique to the personality, style, and the taste of the client.

From carefully crafted cakes to the petal perfection that adorns each floral centerpiece, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Talana Maria brings expertise and knowledge, paired with innovation and attention to detail. From inception to execution, it’s time to bring your vision to life in creating the wedding of your dreams.